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FuzzDot.com is a Search Engine / Resource Portal therewill be many Features to Offer the Public , the Aim is to create a easy to navigate Portal that can assist others in Navigating the Internet as well as giving common Users a Place to call their own. A Entertainment "Spot" for RealTime ChatRooms with out hassles, Free Downloads, and more..

The fuzzdot.com Portal has a keen interest in making life easier for Common User,s not Harder as most Web portals with have you in Circles over and over again trying to find a simple Item.

The Theme to the Portal is Fun, Excitement and Ease of Use

Expansion Occurs almost Daily with New and better Services than the day previous as more people get online, there is a greater need for fuzzdot.com as we are clearly one of the Few True Search Engines with its own Character and
clear Set of Goals.


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