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Mac OS X Catalina End of Life

04 Nov 2022

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Mac OS X Catalina End of Life

Support Ending November 30, 2022 

The impact of Apple dropping support for an operating system means no further security, browser, and in some instances Apple application updates. Your Mac will continue to function without these updates, but at some point, Apple and third-party applications will require a newer operating system for their installation.

iPhone 14 Pro after a few days

22 Sep 2022

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well we will start with ios 16.01 and its good or bad things it has to it .. ios has changed a lot but it really is the same. its been avoiding widgets for years  but now we have them .. not the best ones nor very interactive.

iPhone 14 pro is a good device apple has always had software problems but things are better these days - the cameras are bigger on the phone there is more mega pixels, more light being let into the camera and it workds well. There was a bug on the first day to do with imessage but the fix was out same day which i liked. IOS has a little freezing intermittently in menus .. I am hoping that gets squashed early next week or ill be in touch with apple about it.  The basic functionality is fine no issues and the A16 is zippy as far as the general operation of the device its business as usual i do like the dynamic island gizmo its hard to imagine it not being there now lol. So i like the notification of seeing actions in the space .. I dont like search on bottom so turned it off 

The call quality is good actually nice and clear .. i t hink this could have happenned years ago 

is the iPhone 14 pro is a good device, coming from the 13 pro like me well i get a new device every year so for me i'd say yes i like the camera, chipset, dynamic island, new widgets do you need any of that eh maybe but it wont change your life.

Is iPhone 10,11,12,13,14 any  differnt not really, Is Android 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 12 any different, not really accept your giving away more personal data and more permissions .. and or allowing for more viruses