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Samsung S21 Ultra & iPhone 12 Pro

07 May 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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So I have the both of them right now Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, your probably wondering why lol well if you know me .. then you know I have been testing phones for since 2000 and well im an I.T. guy to boot. I actually did have a reason for getting the two, The S21 ultra has the best Wifi Speed on the planet with the 6E band they were first to the party and no one else has this wifi band so I am able to get  950 Mbps Plus Download speed over Cable Wifi a 100 ft away upstairs steady! Where the iPhone cant do that best was about 500 or so .. now there is that 120 refresh rate phew that thing is smooth on the S21 Ultra, the screen is super nice and since this is android you can still get all the apps from IOS .. no loss really. all the widgets and cusotmization is great and freeing .. 

iPhone 12 Pro I had before the S21 Ultra a heavy stylish design from iPhone 5 60 hertz screen IOS is smooth and easy as we all know .. but the design is mighty old .. the Wifi is slow , the LTE is ok at best. Cameras are good nice photos .. games good apps in general. truth be known IOS is flat out boring and I am tired of the same phone over and over again with no changes.

it took 10 Generations to get Widgets lol 

I have been using Airpod 2 for a long time and they have been good they recently started having issues connecting and volume going down and other symptoms .. I picked up Airpod Pros to day and well these things have the best noise cancellation I have ever heard. Itsd like night and day its un real just how much different these are and the sheer power of Airpod noise cancellation. Sound is good and steady they are smaller and a little bit of a pain to tak ethem out of the case but maybe i'll get used to it .. the version 2 never bothered me taking them out .. they were a different shape. The case for the Airpod pro is a bit bigger .. but not really a big deal the seal the Airpod pro makes is very good, you almost feel like your in a room by your self lol they are so quiet .. this is only day 1 .. so far very nice.