what's new, iPad Pro 11 M1

20 Jul 2021

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ipad11 copyI know its been a while but I have good news its going to get more regular.  I am trying out the iPad 11" M1 3rd gen today its been pretty good so far it is the WIFI model. All the operations seen to be pretty zippy especially drawing on things like sketch and connections to the Wifi 6 AX router I have ... its a lot thinner than pro's of the past  .. funny I say that like its been a long time. Last years iPad pro was a thicker device, but still very fast.

This year seems just as fast but better in ram and repetitive tasks as well as audio there is speakers all around this one, its kinda crazy how many  speakers there are. Also it helps with Logic remote, it still does not support full logic - but maybe soon. The iPad Pro is more like a laptop these days very hand to have as devices go with so much realestate and the magnet on the side for the apple pencil which I like especially the version 2.

The apple pencil charges very fast and works well. I bought this to see how drawing would be instead of with paper .. its quite good .. takes a lttle bit to get used to with the pressure of the flow of ink but once you have it set the way you like its pretty good especially the rewind it erases the last thing you wrote or drew.