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iPhone 13 Pro Friday 24th release day

25 Sep 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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iphone 13 pro blueOkay the adventure .. iPhone 13 Pro its bardly noticeable the 1 mm thickness compared to last years phone and they said they made ther notch smaller ? haha looks the same. The Blue Sierra is not baby blue its more silver blue .. pretty decent ... I'd say the graphite or grey might be more your speed. If lighter colors are your thing I would say gold is the one to get .. 

it takes super nice photos and Airpod pros were connecting instantly so no fighting to connect them .. which was a nice change lol

they say its a little heavier I didnt notice .. feels premium 

IOS 15 buga boo grr they put the safari URL bar on bottom but left an option to move it back to the top

so just goto safari scroll down and select the box to the right single tab it will go back to the top

have no idea in the world why they added that dumb option.
Also there is a bunch of IOS 15 privacy things to fix and turn off in mail do turn on protect the email option

- if you want to reduce the frame rate back to 60 got into accessibilty / motion scroll to the bottom
- screen scroll is very nice at 120 thought .. and screen clarity appears much nicer this time around

 The Cameras are one of the best! I have used just about every phone ever released blackberry, android, iphone and this phone delivers the richest quality photo around.. its really nice clean good quality. As a photographer better glass equals better photo
and this is true in this phone.

 -- So I got the 256 Black iPhone 13 Pro for my daily driver it has the 4k Cinematic mode, but I have to say these new lenses are smoking cool good rich color quality seems to let in more light and does the trick .. I am liking it.


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