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Windows 11 tried out

14 Oct 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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11So I tried the new windows and it looks nice and smooth, there is a option for the taskbar to be centered lol some thought thhis looked like it was a Mac OS X, it has options to go back to the left as well. things do appear more refined and smooth overall the tradditional parts are still there control panel etc .. there is a new widget button on bottom left but it does not go away! and also the news inside the widget are endless blog it does not go away either .. this drove me to go back to win 10 from 11. I did not have any actual issues, I played Blizzard Diablo III a while on it and no troubles at all. surfing was fine .. I did a speed test with ookla and it was good .. for some reason win 10 was a tad faster .. not anything to write home about.

updates were fast and fluid .. organization of the options and categories for users easily accessible accept the things they didnt want you to remove.

you have to run TPM 2 to get this win 11 going, I didnt see a big benefit myself .. but for sensitive material maybe this is more useful ... TPM is found in the BIOS most likely in your advanced tab

In my tim I have tied most OSes on the market anything from Mac OS 7 through Big sur, windows 3.1 up to 11, Linux Ubuntu, Slackware, redhat, fedora, and many more .. its a hobby trying things out .. did windows 11 feel dramatically different ? no not really but more refined with access to bitlocker and TPM security. would I recommend it .. if you can afford the hardware it requires and dont mind the widget button lol sure.

Icons and design is clean  ..the themes are nice .. 

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