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Gaming: PlayStation 5, PS 4 and Xbox X, S

10 Dec 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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ps5So this is a hot item right now in the midst of a Holiday season, we are all looking for the best things to wrap up for our loved ones. The hottest most sought after console on the planet is the Sony PlayStation 5! and boy is it ever, while the Xbox X is hot as well the overwhelming majoirity is PS5. the PS 5 has a new bold design and bleeding endge Internal spec to boot its SSD.

Ive been able to get a few of these machines and tested them out at first you may not see all the PS5 has to offer but I assure you the power is there and more .. the PS 4 previous generation is still a very good viable machine for gaming and media it has over 600 game titles available to play and all those games are available to be played on the PS 5 it is backwards compatible plus there are some new PS 5 games available as well now.

I would recommend to all, that you go throug not only the manual of the PS 5 but the wizzards provided within the machine before exporing the machine to its fullest .. its just good logical and common sense to do so.

I'd say be sure to have a 4K or better TV to use the ps 5 with or you wont see the magic it can provide to you .. If you get the Disk version which I suggest, it does play CD, DVD, BlueRay Discs. I wanted Tron Legacy today and it looked very nice to say the least. Resolution is king with these machines and viewing panels. What for well for Streaming TV, Video, Movies, Games and more ! The better the technology the better the expereince will be going forward. 

The new GUI and system of the PS 5 is very stream lined, while some may get lost with day to day tasks I assure you the options required are all there.  Some of which will not be avilable untill you complete all the Wizards. 

Starting up:

be sure to have a PSN network account with a password you remember
be sure to get the online PS access for games like Fortnite and ability to buy more games

with the PSN access account they include some games for free as well, which is pretty good

there is a data transfer option to move things from PS4 to PS5 and it does work, but have all your
credentials user names and passwords handy for your streaming accounts .. 

I wont spoil all the adventures of the machine ..  

The Controller is very comfortable and nice. I have heard of people getting covers for the machine in different colors
like black and red, etcwhich are easy to install .. and priced about 50-75$ these are 3rd party not made by sony.

Is the PlayStation 5 a good machine ? Yes is pretty great  aslo I recommend a extrnal SSD chip or Drive for games
it is after all 8K so the files will be bigger ... 

The Xbox X is the same in the way that you will need a USB key for games, dont load up the cloud options with your
games or it will cost you a pretty penny plus ! save your selfy the bill !

Its been very hard to find Xbox X machines . as well the version S are easier to find for a lower price  as well. I have heard many say they are good machines and are well liked with Game Pass.

*** Update PS5 SSD HardDrives are upgradeable .. your best to get a fast SSD drive more than 1 TB , also its HIGHLY recommended to get one with a good quality HEATSINK. I would not take this for granted, spend the extra buck on the proper SSD with heatsink. It will get to 107+ degrees in game play mode. Here is Sony's direct information about the installation https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/support/hardware/ps5-install-m2-ssd/

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