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Microsoft takes on Gaming

19 Jan 2022

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activision microsoft 1 1140x641So January 18th Micro$oft bought Blizzard Activision - if you dont know who they are its the makers of the WarCraft OnlineGame and Diablo 1,2,3 and soon to be version 4 as well as a StarCraft and other Great titles. While I know there are many create Gaming Developers in gaming. Blizzard has reserved it self the right to be one of the best by pure hard work to be one of the best develoeprs to date in Gaming and design. This company has worked very hard to make and maintain a great platform for gaming going forward.

now Blizzard was bought by Activision a one point, acording to sources state that Activision have not done Blizzard any favours and for the msot part ruined the reputation of the well deserved good name of Blizzard. Ot of no where comes Microsoft and buys up the whole of both Activision and Blizzard at one time for 69 Billion. Well that is a mighty bold move by the company, as far as known sources this is by fart he largest purchase for gaming in history. Microsoft is a 2 Trillion dollar company. So this was a very viable project for the software maker, Thsi also fits into their working model as software makers and the Xbox gaming platform. It is believed to be a very large feather in their cap having one of the best most complete Game Developer companies in the wheel house. This is great news for BLizzard moving them away from activision and  the previous CEO who is going to leave at the time of completion of the deal.  

It has been said not many liked the previous CEO and are happy he is on the way out .. having said that .. We are happy to see that Blizzard will be able to get back to what they do best, make the best games on the planet and be supported by one of the most important software companies on earth. Microsoft has shaped the software world with its projects and products since its inception, considering the competitive nature of the company and the lengths it is willing to go to reamin on top. This is also the strength that will be supporting Blizzard and we like that never say die attitiude of of the company.  

Lets hope Blizzard Diablo version 4 is coming sooner than later !! 

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