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Mac OS X Big Sur-Monterey

02 May 2022

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So I experienced a bad problem with Mac OS X in both Mac OS X Big Sur-Monterey. They both Reboot randomly this is a severe issue and renders the user completely helpless. you could be in the middle of a game, some important work, talking to a freind on facetime. It could be doing virtually anything and the machine will hickup and reboot randomly. There is no error code , there is no warning, just BAM reboot.

I have been expriencing this with a machine for the last 3 weeks, I checked the crash logs, everything and there is very little to help you figure out the problem, I eventually wiped the machine and went back to catalina. (now re-installed the monterey again for testing to see if the error comes back)

This problem has not been fixed with Mac OS X . . and I dont think it will be resolved anytime soon. The major issue I have with the current mac os is that it calls home during every task you perform it indexes all the things you do and virutally records all the actions you perform.

If there ever was a reason to cry big brother its now at Appple Computer, Microsoft has done the same with back doors from Windows 10-11 but their machine OS is based on error codes actually their whole business model is based on what error you get and how much it cost to fix the machine.

The computing world is now a game of spies and repairs, not to mention the lack of true privacy, there are businesses that say they can offer privacy but they are lying and are simply charging for an application to look like its doing something but its really doing nothing. The app lights up somethings move around and you get the occasional alert. Many companies have been caught with fraudulent applications performing nothing and charging for a service not rendered.

read up, pay attention, be aware