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Gaming and PC building future

01 Aug 2022

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UnknownSo we are on the verge of a whole new world for gaming and power user PCs. As I used to be a hard core Bitcoin miner for many years I saw many of the power consumption issues and things like PSU failures, GPU failures, for comptuers and for miners over time. back when Butterfly labs were making 60 gh miners their PSUs were really cheap they burned out fast. So we had to buy new PSU's to run the miners, this was a saving grace back then but expensive. Some grphics cards would overheat with the high draw on them such as the AMD 7990, others like the 290X were managed very well just to mention a few script mining rigs being computers.

there were days the AMD 7990 would not stop over heating .. you eventually would have to under volt it to steady the card. It was a very annoying situation to say the least .. and no fans did not help that was the only way to cool the card.

I learned more mining bitcoin thean I ever did in data centers .. so now were on the dawn of new Graphics card, CPUs and 2 platform sockets

1) Intel LGA 1700 Scoket using i9 12900k CPU versions running 150w

2) AMD AM4 / Zen 4 Socket using Ryzen 7000 series chipset (7950X) chipset running 170w 

Graphics Cards to come in the new 4000 series vs the Curent 3070, 3080, 3090

Nvidia RTX 4080 price release date specs benchmarks 550x309


Nvidia GeForce 4070

Nvidia GeForce 4080

Nvidia GeForce 4090



The power draw is going to be much higher could be as high as 600w

meaning you are going to need to buy more powerful PSU in the range of 850w and up

Now if you think about this a little, DDR 5 is out now and the speed is a much bigger electrical draw
GPU graphics cards bigger power draw, socket chip biger pwer draw.

so how much is all this going to cost in terms of parts, and power to run a machine will your power bill go up ?

 is it worth waitingf or the AMD chipset and the Nvidia 4000 series graphics cards .. you will have to plan for it ..

now we have to think about PC cases and air flow, as well as types of coolers .. thats becoming a reality that is very important to see the benefit of new hardware