Mac OS X

  • Apple Time Machine

    So today I replaced an app thinking the new version is better .. but I didnt know the preferences were embedded into the app, so I lost all the credentials I had ssaved. Not a happy camper I was .. then I decided to take a quick look at Time Machine and realized I could restore one app at a time ! well that is great so I did and all was restored with the credntials I lost.

    happy morning .. this was seamless zero issues it just woked out of the box .. Apple Time Machine awesome!


  • Mac Os Monterey Features and IOS 15

    I can honestly say these new fetures are super cool, very useful Apple has nailed it
    so cool , there are some killer features I have been wanting for years now are in the 
    new OS update and IOS changes check out the video I am sure you will agree

  • Mac OS X Catalina end of life

    End Support for Mac OS X Catalina is November this year

    Apple macOS support.
    VersionRelease DateCTS Support End Date
    macOS Catalina (10.15) 10/07/19 10/01/22
    macOS Mojave (10.14) 09/24/18 Expired

    does not mean it wont keep working, but it does mean it will not get
    any more security updates or regular updates

    some apps will no longer be supported as well.

    Mojave is already expired