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Apple AirPods 3 and more

06 May 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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airpod3So i've been looking in to this a little while now, I have had my Airpod 2 for about 2 years now .. they are starting to die .. so. I am looking at new ones but what to get .. then I see the Airpod pro I was a little on the fence with the price and all,  

I did a ton of research about earphones with other brands. having said that I saw the leak of the Airpod 3 which is a upgrade to the 2md gen that are starting to die for me .. lol its not mean to be better than the pro edition.

If I know Apple im willing to say they will be pretty darn good to say the least and that apple figured somthing out to improve sound for the pro version 2 and they will be working on it .. so why not release the 2nd gen with that upgraded style lol One thing I can say is in researching all the earbud devices was do not pay attention to the prices, test them out or look deeper into what they actually have to offer .. I must stress, price is not the deciding factor .. if you cant afford it .. dont buy any, save and get the ones you like .. dont compromise.  

Razer Hammerhead 1, pro - first gen not so much, 2nd gen alot better actually good 

Bose Sport Buds - really nice they get good reviews stick in the ear pretty good 

Samsung Galaxy Pro Buds - Some like some not .. have more options compared to the Live edition 

Samsung Buds Live - some like these pretty good

Bose Quiet Comfort Senhiesser true wireless II - very nice quality top rated mic as well, lacking in options

Apple AirPod Pro's - top rated audio and mic quality