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Samsung Buds Pro with iPhone 12 Pro

21 May 2021

User Rating: 5 / 5

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So I recently tried the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra a pretty good phone but just too big and over priced, not to mention its on android so thats bad too .. here is why I am saying this .. so I bought the phone and figured I need the Buds pro to go with them so all the fancy optiosn will work and sound good well they didnt and they sound like crap on android , the noise cancelling is spotty at best with android and barely sounds passable.

I got rid the phone I still kept the ear buds today for an experiment I connected the Samsung Buds pro to my iPhone 12 Pro and played some music well that was just awesome it had killer bass the vocals were great everything worked and thevolume was only at 1/2 !!! i turned it up and boy was it great !! 

I previously tried the Apple Airpods 2 on the Samsung phone it was ok not bad but not great .. I also tried the airpods pro with the S21 ultra same response not bad .. not really optimized for the device.

but the iPhone with the Galaxy Buds PRo on the other hand have been so good, I am not going to use the airpods now .. the sound quality is night and day I have not had a phone call yet .. but I am sure it will be fine. I listen to rock music or metal, sometimes trance and all the bass was big and great vocals great ..


update** it does connect to the Phone portion but disconnects .. that may be a Apple Competition thing it has not been steady on  the phone yet, if I get it to stay connected I'll mention it here, but for music its great !