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Apple iPhone 13 Pro release day

24 Sep 2021

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So here we are on the eve of the iPhone 13 Pro Launch Release tomorrow I'll be trying out the brand new iPhone and fussing over which color to choose for my daily driver. Shall it be the Graphite or Sierra Blue, many have said they dont like the blue and some do like it. Tomorrow we will see these population dividing colors lol.

are you excited .. yah we know you are !! lol It ownt be raining tomorrow so thats good for me .. there are any upgraded features of the new devices. One of which with IOS 15, which I am not liking too much .. if you turn off your phone with IOS 15 youcan still be tracked via GPS it stays accessible. We are going to have to dig into this new feature if IOS 15.

If you havent yet installed the IOS 15, its a big download so make sure you have 3 gig of space.

see you tomorrow!!




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