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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

05 Jun 2023

User Rating: 5 / 5

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So I tried the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, now at first I was like well is this going to be as good as the S20 ultra because I got really good download speed on WIFI 6 AX channel. Initially no, then I hooked up my other router and it was pretty comparable.

The GUI is the same as usual , android looks the same no change

new widgets, screen quality is very good, 120 hz scroll is good

S pen .. eh S pen same as usual

charging fast really good

form factor - too big same as before

easy to hold in hand no troubles

brightness is decent 
if this phone was smaller and had a spigen casse like I have on this one
this would be better. But having said that android is still a disconnected platform
everything is all over the place, dual accounts samsung and google

some people love this thing - for me not my favourite

Connectivity is good and solid no issues

photos decent 0-20 , zoom is crap looks like garbage at 30X indoors and gets jumpy at that 30x
I dont know why it does that

outdoors more light it can be better

colors punched up  over bright

its a bit heavy but so are other devices..

honestly no change in 3 years same device exept S pen

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