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Catalina gets a Notification fix

28 Oct 2021

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Finally Catalina after a year Apple fixes the update notification 1 that shows up to annoy users to get the big sur update I was pretty surprised to see this fix today, was pretty happy about it though :) Monterey came out today too if your looking to give it a try there seems to be a few good things about it .. but for me its going to be Catalina since its what seems to be the last non thin client version of the Mac OS X its 20% faster than big sur, I dont know about the new one.

Windows 11 tried out

14 Oct 2021

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11So I tried the new windows and it looks nice and smooth, there is a option for the taskbar to be centered lol some thought thhis looked like it was a Mac OS X, it has options to go back to the left as well. things do appear more refined and smooth overall the tradditional parts are still there control panel etc .. there is a new widget button on bottom left but it does not go away! and also the news inside the widget are endless blog it does not go away either .. this drove me to go back to win 10 from 11. I did not have any actual issues, I played Blizzard Diablo III a while on it and no troubles at all. surfing was fine .. I did a speed test with ookla and it was good .. for some reason win 10 was a tad faster .. not anything to write home about.

updates were fast and fluid .. organization of the options and categories for users easily accessible accept the things they didnt want you to remove.

you have to run TPM 2 to get this win 11 going, I didnt see a big benefit myself .. but for sensitive material maybe this is more useful ... TPM is found in the BIOS most likely in your advanced tab

In my tim I have tied most OSes on the market anything from Mac OS 7 through Big sur, windows 3.1 up to 11, Linux Ubuntu, Slackware, redhat, fedora, and many more .. its a hobby trying things out .. did windows 11 feel dramatically different ? no not really but more refined with access to bitlocker and TPM security. would I recommend it .. if you can afford the hardware it requires and dont mind the widget button lol sure.

Icons and design is clean  ..the themes are nice .. 

iPhone 13 Pro Friday 24th release day

25 Sep 2021

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iphone 13 pro blueOkay the adventure .. iPhone 13 Pro its bardly noticeable the 1 mm thickness compared to last years phone and they said they made ther notch smaller ? haha looks the same. The Blue Sierra is not baby blue its more silver blue .. pretty decent ... I'd say the graphite or grey might be more your speed. If lighter colors are your thing I would say gold is the one to get .. 

it takes super nice photos and Airpod pros were connecting instantly so no fighting to connect them .. which was a nice change lol

they say its a little heavier I didnt notice .. feels premium 

IOS 15 buga boo grr they put the safari URL bar on bottom but left an option to move it back to the top

so just goto safari scroll down and select the box to the right single tab it will go back to the top

have no idea in the world why they added that dumb option.
Also there is a bunch of IOS 15 privacy things to fix and turn off in mail do turn on protect the email option

- if you want to reduce the frame rate back to 60 got into accessibilty / motion scroll to the bottom
- screen scroll is very nice at 120 thought .. and screen clarity appears much nicer this time around

 The Cameras are one of the best! I have used just about every phone ever released blackberry, android, iphone and this phone delivers the richest quality photo around.. its really nice clean good quality. As a photographer better glass equals better photo
and this is true in this phone.

 -- So I got the 256 Black iPhone 13 Pro for my daily driver it has the 4k Cinematic mode, but I have to say these new lenses are smoking cool good rich color quality seems to let in more light and does the trick .. I am liking it.


Apple iPhone 13 Pro release day

24 Sep 2021

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So here we are on the eve of the iPhone 13 Pro Launch Release tomorrow I'll be trying out the brand new iPhone and fussing over which color to choose for my daily driver. Shall it be the Graphite or Sierra Blue, many have said they dont like the blue and some do like it. Tomorrow we will see these population dividing colors lol.

are you excited .. yah we know you are !! lol It ownt be raining tomorrow so thats good for me .. there are any upgraded features of the new devices. One of which with IOS 15, which I am not liking too much .. if you turn off your phone with IOS 15 youcan still be tracked via GPS it stays accessible. We are going to have to dig into this new feature if IOS 15.

If you havent yet installed the IOS 15, its a big download so make sure you have 3 gig of space.

see you tomorrow!!




what's new, iPad Pro 11 M1

20 Jul 2021

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ipad11 copyI know its been a while but I have good news its going to get more regular.  I am trying out the iPad 11" M1 3rd gen today its been pretty good so far it is the WIFI model. All the operations seen to be pretty zippy especially drawing on things like sketch and connections to the Wifi 6 AX router I have ... its a lot thinner than pro's of the past  .. funny I say that like its been a long time. Last years iPad pro was a thicker device, but still very fast.

This year seems just as fast but better in ram and repetitive tasks as well as audio there is speakers all around this one, its kinda crazy how many  speakers there are. Also it helps with Logic remote, it still does not support full logic - but maybe soon. The iPad Pro is more like a laptop these days very hand to have as devices go with so much realestate and the magnet on the side for the apple pencil which I like especially the version 2.

The apple pencil charges very fast and works well. I bought this to see how drawing would be instead of with paper .. its quite good .. takes a lttle bit to get used to with the pressure of the flow of ink but once you have it set the way you like its pretty good especially the rewind it erases the last thing you wrote or drew.

Apple Time Machine

23 Jun 2021

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So today I replaced an app thinking the new version is better .. but I didnt know the preferences were embedded into the app, so I lost all the credentials I had ssaved. Not a happy camper I was .. then I decided to take a quick look at Time Machine and realized I could restore one app at a time ! well that is great so I did and all was restored with the credntials I lost.

happy morning .. this was seamless zero issues it just woked out of the box .. Apple Time Machine awesome!


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